Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Out to dinner with a chef!

Being married to a chef means weeknight dates, if I get a date at all :) So, when my mom-in-law said she would babysit we took the opportunity to go out to dinner, just the two of us! Casey laughed when we sat down, because he noticed that I strategically sat on the side of the booth facing the kitchen. I knew that if he could see the kitchen he would be distracted watching the goings on in there, rather than paying attention to me! He can't help it, and I know it! I always (well most of the time!) order what he tells me to order. He is an expert, so of course I will take his advice, and he is always right!! We had a great time! It makes me realize even more how much I miss him while he is working, and it also makes me so grateful for the job that he has and that he is able to do something he loves every day and that I am able to be his partner in life!!

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